Digital Product Design

We merge technology, design and our industry knowledge in an ongoing pursue looking for the innovation that will make a difference in our client’s business.

We empower companies that prioritize overcoming the present by challenging the future, creating exceptional digital experiences focused on the user and the value they deliver to the business.


Digital Experience

Experience is today’s business. We design meaningful experiences in order to connect with our customers through data-oriented decisions and hypothesis-based experimentation.

Our approach also helps connect digital experiences with the physical world, blurring physical boundaries to design a holistic digital customer journey.


Software Development

We create excellent products and wonderful experiences by using innovative and emerging technologies.
We combine the latest architectural standards, open source technologies and various business platforms with our proven expertise in delivering high quality software.


Data &
Artificial Intelligence

We understand that being a data-oriented organization is paramount for today’s and tomorrow’s success. Data Capabilities & AI and related technologies are already shaping the way we operate and do business with our customers.

At SHIFTA, we help organizations to understand and adopt a sustainable Data & AI strategy: Modern Data Architectures, Machine Learning models design to predict, forecast and recognize patterns, or even employ Cognitive solutions for customer interactions. Leveraging AI and automation technology by using the greatest existing platforms in the market, our clients’ organizations become more efficient, productive and agile.




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